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Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Why competitor research and monitoring is important

The market changes

You know the market changes quickly. You need to be constantly aware of how the market is changing so you can serve your customers.


Knowing how you are doing vs your competitors is important. Why? So you can understand what your company is missing and fix it!


By researching and monitoring your competition, you can find ideas to improve your business and serve your customers best.

How does Competitor Research help you?

Three key phases: Discover, Research, Monitor

Discover: Who are your competitors?

The first step is Discovery. Who are your competitors? We help you find them using AI.

Find your competitors
Discover competitors

Powerful features

Features built to ensure you stay aware of your competitors.

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Explore the use cases

Here are some of the pages you can track with Competitor Research

Landing Page

Track the appearance of their landing page to understand what's top of mind.


Understand how they're charging customers so you know how to respond.

Blog Pages

Keep up with what they're writing about and gain valuable SEO insights.

News Alerts

Get updated on how your competitors are being seen in the news.

Product Offering

Stay up to date on what your competitors are offering customers.

Social Media

Monitor their social media strategy so you can get an edge.

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

Competitor Research helps companies of different industries and sizes stay on top of the fierce competition

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“ Before using Competitor Research, I was flying blind. Sure, I knew who our main competitors were, but I had no idea what they were actually doing. Now, it's like having a window into their strategy. I can see their website updates, social media campaigns, and even their paid advertising. “
Lucy Lee
CEO & Co-Founder @Tempeh AI

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For teams with limited competition.
  • 1 competitor
  • Up to 3 tracked pages
  • Weekly snapshots
  • Weekly email updates
For larger teams with more competition.
  • Up to 10 competitors
  • Up to 50 tracked pages
  • Daily snapshots
  • Daily email updates
  • AI summary
  • Dedicated support

Questions & Answers

  • We have a free plan available where you can track one competitor and up to 3 webpages on a weekly cadence. For companies/entrepreneurs with more competitors, we have a premium plan that allows you the ability to track 10 competitors and up to 50 webpages. If you'd like even more, please contact us.

  • Yes, we use the latest models to detect when your competitor makes any changes to their websites or products.

  • Yes, you're able to use Competitor Research on mobile although it is optimised for desktop.

  • We don't use any of our customer's data for any purpose. Our goal is to ensure you have the best tools for your company to succeed.

  • To get some assistance, please contact us on the Support center page.

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